International trade and law in an increasingly polarised world – extensive challenges ahead


Lund University hereby invites you to a seminar at LUSEM on the legal and economic issues facing international trade.

Challenges that generate significant geoeconomic consequences

The conditions for international trade and investment are facing considerable changes. The EU’s focus on strategic autonomy, Brexit, serious security concerns in Europe and rising tensions between the US and China are among the challenges that generate significant geoeconomic consequences. These events contribute to an increasingly complex legal and economic framework, the effective navigation of which is crucial to bring goods, services and capital to market, to effectively respond to global developments and to control disputes when they arise.

Purpose of the seminar

The purpose of this seminar is to discuss opportunities and challenges for international trade that lie ahead with the ambition to generate a constructive dialogue. The seminar is a collaboration between the School of Economics and Management and Centre for European Studies at Lund University as well as The Swedish Institute for International Trade and Law, an interdisciplinary initiative involving researchers at Lund University. The Institute aims to be an international leader in legal and economic research as well as a forum for dialogue with the business community and government representatives within the context of international trade.


Anders Ahnlid
Director General, National Board of Trade

Jörgen Hettne
Professor in Business Law, LUSEM

Erik Lagerlöf
Adjunct Professor in Business law at the Stockholm School of Economics

Christer Ljungwall
Associate professor in Economics, Gothenburg University

Penelope Nevill
Specialist in International law and Lecturer at King’s College, London

Maria Persson
Associate professor in Economics, LUSEM

Lothar Ehring
Senior expert on international trade at DG Trade, European Commission

Josephine Norris
Member of the Legal Service of the European Commission (Trade/WTO/dispute settlement team) and international trade expert

Dean of LUSEM Mats Benner will introduce the event.

Coffee break with coffee and a snack will be included in the programme of the day.

31 March 2023


Karlssonsalen, EC3
Holger Crafoords Ekonomicentrum
Tycho Brahes väg 1
223 63 Lund


Last day to register: 27 March 2023.



Jörgen Hettne