Career Wednesday - CV/Cover letter


Come join the LUSEM Career Services during your lunch hour and get a head start in your job hunt!

LUSEM Career Services run weekly Career Wednesdays where we - during your lunch hour - will cover one of three themes; CV/cover letter writing, LinkedIn and Interview training. The different themes will rotate every three weeks.

Each workshop will begin with a 20 mins lecture on the theme, and then you will get the chance to practice what you have learned in the following 20 mins! 

CV/Cover letter

Still the very essentials in all job hunting – your application documents. In this workshop we will guide you through how to write an informative CV that stands out from the crowd, together with an interesting and engaging cover letter.

  • 11 Sep: 12:15-13:00 in room EC2:063
  • 2 Oct: 12:15-13:00 in room EC2:069
  • 23 Oct: 12:15-13:00 in room EC2:109
  • 13 Nov: 12:15-13:00 in room EC1:136
  • 11 Dec: 12:15-13:00 in room EC1:138


Networking online is a tricky business. This workshop will cover the basics on how to increase your online presence while at the same time you’re expanding your network.

  • 18 Sep: 12:15-13:00 in room EC2:101
  • 9 Oct: 12:15-13:00 in room EC1:138
  • 30 Oct: 12:15-13:00 in room EC1:138
  • 27 Nov: 12:15-13:00 in room EC1:135
  • 18 Dec: 12:15-13:00 in room EC1:136

Interview training

Want to become better prepared for job interviews? This workshop will give you the tools you need! You will learn how to best prepare before the interview, what to say, ask and how to act during the interview, and how to follow up afterwards.

  • 25 Sep: 12:15-13:00 in room EC1:138
  • 16 Oct: 12:15-13:00 in room EC1:138
  • 6 Nov: 12:15-13:00 in room EC1:138

Bring your computer and your lunch box! 

We have 30 spots, but you don’t have to sign up in advance, first come first served…

11 December 2019


Holger Crafoords Ekonomicentrum EC1
Tycho Brahes väg 1
223 63 Lund


LUSEM Career Services

Phone: +46 46 222 78 09