Alumni Webinar: “How to network successfully”


Do you want to learn how to leave a lasting impression and build valuable relationships, both online and offline?

Networking events are incredible opportunities to expand your professional network and gain perspectives on new possibilities. Join us for an engaging alumni webinar and learn how to better connect with potential employers.

In this webinar, Erik Månsson, CEO at Innocentia AB and Stina Vikingson, Career Coach at LUSEM, will equip you with the right mindset in order to thrive at networking events. 

Meet Erik Månsson, CEO at Innocentia AB and LUSEM Alumnus

Erik Månsson studied at LUSEM between 2015 and 2019, including one year as president of the Student Union. He engaged in numerous events and networking activities throughout the school and within Lund's buzzing student life. Erik is now leading a small team in an innovative startup called Innoscentia with the mission to reduce food waste due to the expiry date system. 

"You will probably never again be in a position with so many interesting, talented, and inspiring people around you that can become friends, colleagues, and a network to leverage for the rest of your professional life. Take the chance to build a great network now, it might be one of the best decisions in your life" 

21 November 2023


Registration closed.


Sara Sari