Plan and updates

Rough plan of writing the self-assessment report to EQUIS

The ongoing processes involve work with both the EQUIS- and the AMBA accreditations. Considering the comprehensive approach of EQUIS, it is a natural first step to start preparing the Self-Assessment Report to EQUIS.

The EQUIS framework contains 10 quality components, each component corresponding to one chapter in the self assessment report. To every component/chapter, certain quality standards are attached. LUSEM is expected to present information on developments and measures taken to meet the standards, but of course our ambition is to exceed them.  

The anatomy of the EQUIS Self Assessment Report

The EQUIS 10 quality components:

Chapter 1

Concerns Context, Governance and Strategy of the School. This chapter is the node to which all other chapters should connect.

Chapter 2

The second chapter presents the School’s strategy for and work on programmes.

Chapter 3

The third chapter presents the School’s strategy for and work on students.

Chapters 4-7

Chapters four to seven deal with Faculty, Research and Development, Executive Education and Resources and Administration. 

Chapters 8-10

Chapters eight to ten involve three components:

  1. Internationalisation
  2. Ethics, Responsibility and Sustainability (ERS)
  3. Connections with Practice

These are considered transversal and influence all other components.

Ongoing at LUSEM: Updates

April-June 2023

Objective: Build the skeleton of the EQUIS self assessment report. Collect, assess and document the main points in all chapters.

In the early spring, the School management team has worked on building the foundation for the first chapter, which is of particular strategic importance. It is now time to continue with the subsequent chapters, for which the responsibility of writing falls on different members of the School management team.

Opportunities for feedback will be provided to relevant groups at suitable stages of the process.

Also ongoing preparation for AMBA in terms of data collection and developmental activities.

July 2023

Half-time report to AACSB with deadline 1 July.

Spring of 2024


There will be two important visits on site in the spring of 2024:

  • EQUIS 5-7 March
  • AMBA 10-11 April


Mats Benner

Margareta Dackehag
Quality assurance coordinator