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Career Services serve students at the School of Economics and Management who are interested in learning about working life, discussing career alternatives, finding interesting jobs or starting their own companies. As you enter working life we help and support you in building functioning networks, developing your resume, finding and getting a job, as well as starting your own company.

Career Services wants to make students aware of labour market conditions by providing tips and advice on how you can adapt your training and how to build networks to future jobs. We guide and encourage you to put your ideas and knowledge into practise, leaving you with useful experience and valuable contacts. In addition, we have access to job listings where you can find information about available positions.

Finding and getting a job

Students can book an appointment with us for career guidance, receive interview training or simply talk about working life. We also give feedback on the design and content of your employment applications. In addition, we hold seminars on career related topics and assist you in networking with our alumni.

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Sign up in the Lund University job portal, MyCareer. In collaboration with Graduateland we will help you plan your next career move.

MyCareer gives access to jobs, internships, graduate programmes and projects across Europe, as well as locally. You can follow your favourite employers and stay updated via status updates and notifications about relevant vacancies.

Create your personal profile today and join Europe's largest career network for students and graduates.

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WetFeet helps job seekers make smart career decisions through expert career advice, insider guides to interviews and cases, sample resumes and cover letters, and company research.

The WetFeet service is available to all students at the School - brought to you by the LUSEM Career Services.

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2017-05-11 Miscellaneous

Welcome to Lund School of Architecture Spring Exhibition 23-31 May

Come explore the exciting projects created by the architect students!


Changed opening hours for the Career Services

Changed opening hours on certain dates in May and June.

2017-04-28 Career

The Financial Times and McKinsey & Company presents the Bracken Bower Prize 2017. 

As organisers of the Business Book of the Year Award, we want to encourage young authors t...