Master's programme in Accounting and Finance

MSc in Business and Economics | 1 year | 60 credits


The programme is organised into three different specialisations. When applying for the programme you select your specialisation depending on your ambitions and interests.

Accounting and Management Control

Management control is a critical function in organizations to ensure that decisions and behaviors are consistent with objectives and strategies related to performance. On this specialisation participants will learn about how performance measurement can improve decision-making and strengthen motivation. Other areas covered are contemporary management accounting techniques related to costing and pricing of products, as well as assessment of capital costs. Knowledge of research approaches and methods will be integrated parts of the courses. Case assignments and experiments are important in the course work to facilitate participants’ understanding of linkages between strategy and performance, organizational characteristics, and the design of management control systems.

Accounting, Assurance and Financial Communication

This specialisation provides knowledge of how to account for, present, and enhance the quality of information used for financial decision making as well as of how to analyze, audit and assure financial information. You will improve your proficiencies in interpreting financial information, and also gain knowledge about the diffusion and uses of financial information. You will enhance your understanding of how financial information is assured and the regulatory architecture in the area. In addition, you will develop your abilities to communicate the meaning of financial information and enhance your understanding of restrictions on financial communication. These skills are indispensable when working with preparing or analyzing firms’ financial communication as well as in making investment decisions.

Corporate Financial Management

Corporate finance is a place where business strategy, processes, and information combine. This specialisation provides techniques and models to assist in financial decision-making and the insight to determine whether these decisions make sense in a strategic competitive context. You will improve your skills in analyzing the need for and design of corporate restructurings, in evaluating the impact of corporate restructurings on corporate performance and firm value, and in solving complex and unstructured practical corporate financial problems. You will also improve your understanding of how to finance and manage the risk of ventures, be they start-ups or incumbent firms and corporate transactions.