How to apply

The term exchange student implies that your home university has a formal agreement for exchange studies with Lund University. You apply to our school via your International Office at home. Once you have been selected and nominated by your home university you are accepted as an exchange student to Lund University.

The international team at the Lund University School of Economics and Management will send you an e-mail with further information and instructions on what to do next. You are advised to strictly adhere to the deadlines and instructions outlined in the package to ensure efficient arrangement of your studies in Lund.

Your assigned coordinator is responsible for your stay in Lund, but all members in the International Office are available for you and will assist you with all formalities and questions regarding your studies in Lund except for questions on housing. 

Apply for Courses, SUSA & mentor 

Online Application

Applications are made online semester-wise:
Username and password will be sent to nominated students via e-mail.

1. The following supporting documents are required.

  • An official transcript of all your previous academic studies (preferably in English)
  • A list of ongoing courses (if not included in the transcript)
  • Copy of your passport (underline your first name)

2. Choose courses adding up to 30 credits and state two alternatives per course. Check that all courses, including your alternatives, can be transferred before coming to Lund. It is not possible to change courses after semester has started.

3. Sign up for the SUSA-course (Swedish language course) and mentor at the same time. 

You can apply for change of courses on Registration Day, but since courses start immediately the first day of the semester there is no time to check with home university after the Registration Day if an alternative course is validated or not.  Discuss your choice of courses with your homeuniversity beforehand!

Application periods

  • Autumn semester: April 1 -  April 25
  • Spring semester: October  1 - October 25

Apply for Housing

Like in many other university cities, housing is always in great demand in Lund, especially at the beginning of each semester. The LU Accomodation is mainly a service for international exchange and degree-seeking students. LU Accomodation provides a limited number of rooms for exchange students and will do their utmost to help you, but we cannot guarantee a room for everyone. Applying before the deadline is important. Please note that, even if you apply for housing on time, there is no guarantee that you will get housing through LU Accomodation. You should also look into other options before coming to Lund.

More information on LU Accomodation website.

Application periods:

  • Autumn semester: April 1 -  April 25 
  • Spring semester: October 1 - October 25

The exact opening dates may vary depending on whether the first day of the month is a workday or a day on a weekend. Check what applies to you and your semester on LU Accomodation application website

If you have any questions about housing, please contact LU Accomodation:

Phone: +46 46 222 0100
Fax: +46 46 222 88 95

Please note

Freemovers cannot apply to the exchange programme at our school. To study on your own in Lund or Sweden, read more at